We Buy Houses in CT For Cash

  • Forget commission, no agent, no broker, we are a financial investment company in real estate.
  • Forget about listing your house for sale, we don’t list your house to sell, we buy it ourselves. Sell Your House Fast and Hassle Free!
  • Forget repairing your house for sale. Professional with 15 years of experience in purchasing properties in CT under all conditions and all situations.

Among the homes we have bought in Connecticut, we have faced every type of situation, such as pending foreclosure, short sales, house needed repairs. With our experience and expertise, we are prepared to help you complete your sale quickly and smoothly for cash avoiding the foreclosure of your house.

But we are not here just to grab your house for our own sake, we know that your house is the most valuable possession you have. We also strive to help you clear as much debt as possible, advise you on reorganization or refinance, and in certain cases, help you keep your home.

Contact Tri State House at 212-884-0095.

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