As a young couple “under water” on our first house, the negotiations seemed likely to go on forever.  They got us the money to move even before they settled with the bank.
-Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B.

 We were in trouble with so much debt that we didn’t know where to turn. They helped us with all our debts from A-Z.  They are very capable and trustworthy.
-R.G and E.W.

When we went through financial difficulties, we thought we’d lose our house, but we were able to stay in the house and are on our way to recovery.  If we ever do need to sell in the future, we would go right back to them! –Al and Eva S

When I called, the process went so fast, I was able to move in two weeks.
-Marian S.

After my divorce, I was anxious to move quickly.  They were a great help at a very difficult time.
-Earl G.

It seems impossible: We were facing bankruptcy and foreclosure, yet somehow we are out from under both our underwater mortgage, and our credit cards, and we have moved on.
-Leonard and Mary J.

We were grateful to find them on the web.  We received a courteous and a patient guide through the process.

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