No Agent, No Commission, We Buy Houses Directly

Dealing with a Real Estate Agent can be expensive. If you are financially distressed and saving money is the main concern, a six percent commission can be many thousands out of your money. We don’t work on commission basis because we are not real estate agents nor a broker, we are a real estate investment company in New York and uses our own funds to buy your houses regardless of condition and situation thus saving you time and providing you the cash your house is worth and this is the way we do our business. We also try to provide you a fair chance to keep your most valuable possession you have, but if you must sell it, we give you a fair offer for your house. So if you understand the advantages of “for sale by owner”, we are the right choice.

For more information contact us at (212) 884-0095 with your queries and doubts, we will love to entertain you whenever you need us.

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